Bra japan

bra japan

21 Feb It's become utterly cliche to say “only in Japan”, but we'll go ahead and throw it out there again. Only in Japan will you see an ad for a sports bra that illustrates its brand benefits by comparing the weight of breasts to animals and then having men wear those animals in a bra and workout while wearing them. 31 Jul For those times when you want to feel like you've got grass growing all over your chest and hindquarters. Japanese lingerie designers usually go for a pretty overt mix of cute and/or sexy elements in their designs. Ribbons and frills are ever- present in intimate apparel aimed at young shoppers, and shiny. 24 May The brand name, Ookina Mune wo Chiisaku Miseru Bra, means the bra that makes large breasts look smaller. Finding bras over the size of F in Japanese lingerie stores are hard. You have to either buy bras of boring designs, or very expensive imported lingerie. And if you have large breasts, it stretches.


Bra Vending Machine Debuts in Japan bra japan

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