Hottie mon

hottie mon

Instead, she went with the flow and let her eyes follow the hottie as he continued to sweep up the area in front of the counter. His hair was dark and ended just above his shoulders. “Mon neveu,” the owner explained with a grin as he came over to greet Kayleigh. The grandson of my father's best friend. “So he is, as you. "C'mon, Eels, whatever species you're supposed to be, you're an embarrassment to it. This is how a man handles himself. You put it out there, you make your move . You and me? Yes or no.' David was confused. "But what if she says no?" "You get back on the horse. You move on to the next one. And there's always a next. 6 Oct I do not own anything from "The Office", but the series do own my heart *drool*.

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Felt harder than usual on this day, but that is not a bad thing in my book. Normal cluing and fill for a Monday.

Hottie mon -

No typical TV dumbing down. Start again at 3. Thanks for Your Support Your contributions help keep this site strong, independent, and ad-free!

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