Clothed tape

clothed tape

This is performed by the back-of-tooth to back-of-tooth action with a wire-clothed roller, called a fancy, mounted close to the surface of the swift just before the doffer. Tape Condenser This comprises a set of rollers around which is threaded a series of narrow belts (called tapes) or an endless narrow belt to form a. As each tape was collected, the tape lifts then were placed on the inner side of a non-adhesive clear bag. To prevent any contamination, the bags were only opened on the scene just before the tapes were placed inside. This kind of tape lifting is a comprehensive method to collect fibers from clothed and unclothed surfaces. Keep Your Clothes On with this Fabulous Fashion Tape; 36 Clear Double-Sided Adhesive Strips of Body Tape that easily fit in the gift tin case; Hypo-Allergenic, Fabric Friendly and Easy To Use! For Teens & Women of any age! Fits easily into your purse. More.


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