Filipino outdoors

filipino outdoors

Despite what some say about Filipino Street Games vanishing in Philippine society due to computers and technology, that is not actually true. In many urban and rural areas, a great majority of Filipino children still play outdoor street games, as most of them are still unable to own technology. Games such as Patintero. The visuals show in succession cows, milk being poured, children drinking it, and a family enjoying the outdoors while the voice-over says, "Now, Magnolia Nestle fresh milk, in the new slim pack, with the unique easy to reseal cap, for lasting freshness, Magnolia Nestle fresh milk, with the freshness you can feel." However . When teens really want to unwind, they head to the nearest club with karaoke— or videoke, as it is known in the Philippines. TV monitors Outdoors. After school , many kids race outdoors to play their favorite games. Young children might chase each other in a raucous game of tag known as agawang sulok. The person who. filipino outdoors

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