Point of view toilet

point of view toilet

Stock Footage of Point of view of man going to and using the toilet. First off, I recommend NOT flushing hair down a toilet. Hair does not degrade the way most biological material does. The long strings can get caught on small bumps (roughness) in the plumbing. That can lead to a buildup of material and eventual bl. 26 Jul Western toilet seats — an eastern point of view. The ubiquitous toilet seat. You must be wondering what is a discussion about toilet seats is doing on a design website. If you are, then I've accomplished what I wanted to with the title. This isn't an article about toilets; it is a design discussion, about a problem.

Point of view toilet -

Fast forward a couple of decades and the western toilets are ubiquitous even in much of the east. It is generally agreed that the western versions are better designed in terms of suiting user needs, although there has been some research that suggests that squatting as posture is more conducive to the whole exercise. Change the design of the toilet seat so that it is lifted by default. Probably another idea from a innovative businessman. In came the seat disinfectant spray, hottest cuck you could spray some of it onto toilet paper and aunty ink the seat.

: Point of view toilet

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